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Underestimating their own cognitive biases and risk-taking behavior

Lack of financial literacy leading to short term thinking and missed opportunities

Noise and contradictory information from media and influencers leading to erratic decisions

On their financial journey, most people leave money on the table due to:

The world within you

Understand your own biases and tendencies when making financial decisions

Personalized behavioral profiles providing you with a pragmatic analysis of own biases and tendencies

Behavioral surveys for self-understanding and learning. Learn about overconfidence, risk taking, delaying gratification and test your financial literacy


Here is how we can help:

Wealth management

Understand where you're headed in terms of wealth with projections and behavioral insights

Bring the future into the presentRealistic net worth projections and simulations based your current situation and behavioral profile

Latest government and 3rd party data on how you compare with others around you


The world around you


Understand how the outside world is influencing your financial journey by analysing news and inflation

Personalized AI news analysis of events that can affect your financial decisions and wealth

Personalized inflation and tracking of prices for the things you truly care about.

Predicting price changes - Proprietary web-scraping for predictive price indices to compete with government data.

Pragmatic financial assistant for everyone

Completely free and anonymous


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